With Bruemar, we don’t sacrifice taste or quality for convenience. We have selected the best cuts and flavours for you to create simple and tasty meals at home. Exclusively sourced from Australian farms, we guarantee juicy, tender and great tasting Pork products every time. 

Our range of ready-to-cook packs as well as classic primary cuts, is made available at a variety of sales channels. Perfect for a family dinner or special occasion.  


From flavourful steaks to primal cuts, find a selection of delicious recipes with Bruemar Pork here.


Bruemar offers highest quality Pork products across a variety of sales channels. From primary cuts to tailored value-add retail solutions our focus is on providing families with juicy, flavoursome and easy to cook meals. Our Bruemar products are available at select butchers, Export, IGA and independent supermarkets


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Our Story

In 1969, Bruce and Marie Campbell formed B.E. Campbell and began building what has become one of Australia’s largest and most trusted family owned pork businesses. In honour of Bruce and Marie’s focus on quality, the family created the Bruemar range of premium pork products. 



Premium Quality

We are committed to offering a high quality, great tasting product. All our farmers and supply chain partners are independently audited and certified with industry best practice quality assurance and animal welfare programs ensuring that they care for their animals and the environment.  

Australian Produce

All products are 100% Australian Pork from a select group of Australian family-owned farms. Used and recommended by leading Australian butchers, and awarded with the Asian Export Awards in the Fresh Food category, assures the premium quality produce. 

‘Absolutely loving the Pork products, and well done to your team for the

continuing to support great Australian grown products.’

– Christian